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Henrietta Milan

American Impressionist, Henrietta Milan, was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents of Czechoslovakian and Polish decent. Growing up in Chicago, Milan studied at Gage Park High School and Depaul University. Later after moving to Texas, she attended the University of Texas at Austin. Henrietta currently resides in Texas with Jerry, her husband of 44 years.


Henrietta is greatly influenced by her extensive travels throughout Europe observing French Impressionism at the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay and especially in Giverny, France, which she visits annually. She most recently visited Giverny in 2001. She has displayed the intuitive talent and drive needed to fully develop her skills as a self-taught artist. Henrietta uses only a palette knife to create canvases rich with texture. The viewer wishes to touch the painting's surface to "read" the almost sculptural quality of the paint. Her fascination of light and color are used to create beautiful paintings which are filled with life and movement in the tradition of the impressionist masters. A career of coaching and competing in gymnastics seems to have contributed to the actual physical presence of her works. Energy emanates from each canvas. Her images flow easily off the canvas and eagerly into the viewers imagination. Henrietta's favorite subjects are frolicking children, florals and serene gardens.

Henrietta first opened her home studio to the public in 1979 - shortly after, she began showing in local galleries. It didn't take long for her popularity to spread, sending her work coast to coast. Presently she shows in a few select fine galleries across the country. The Fort Worth Milan Gallery is Henrietta's home gallery.

She paints from photographs and images she creates. Often photographs from one or two photo sessions will provide enough subject matter for a year. She does not paint on location, because she likes the comfort of her home studio where she can be close to family. She prefers personally choosing the subject matter for her works, however, she does commission work for galleries and designers. Henrietta has 19 fine art reproductions to her credit, as well as one sold-out limited edition print. Henrietta's work is known worldwide with paintings in Indonesia, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand and Japan. She is a life member of the National Registry of Who's Who's publication.

 Giving back to her community is something Henrietta feels strongly about. She is personally active with several charitable organizations, and gives to countless others by donating paintings, lithographs, and note cards. Her generous donations, in the tens of thousands of dollars each year, benefit local, regional and national organizations annually. In 1995, because of her charitable contributions, she was recognized by the mayor, senator, and congressman of her hometown with a day named in her honor.




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